Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, & focused effort.
— Paul J. Meyer

Method X is Australia’s leading facility in strength & conditioning for dancers. Taking the application of strength on dancers to the next level, ensuring the athlete is always at a low risk of injury, developing & maintaining a high performance & treating our dancers as the elite in the industry.

Improve your strength for adage, pirouettes & allegro, improve core stability, increase your flexibility, prevent or recover from injury.

Method X will take your performance potential to new heights. Our studio has been designed to take you from a gym to a dance studio in the one space!  

Remember if you are not a dancer, you can still train at MX too. We can cater for your sport specific training. Our coaches are Australian strength & conditioning accredited & enjoy working with all athletes.



One on one coaching will be the key to your success as an aspiring dancer & elite athlete. You begin with an initial consult, including your physical assessment, movement analysis & a personalised foundations program. Typically 1 - 2 sessions (at least) weekly to see results as soon as possible is required. 


Semi-private training means you can find 1 – 3 of your friends and have fun at the same time as training. This is a cost effective way, however less specialised with each session having an overall focus for the younger age groups. You will still receive individual corrections and exercise implementation.


With Rebecca’s wealth of knowledge and experience from her ballet, contemporary and commercial dance career she continues to teach technique and choreograph contemporary solos. If you would like specialised coaching and/or contemporary choreography, Rebecca is available. Technique coaching can also be requested, however, you must be a strength & conditioning client.