I can’t remember ever walking (sometimes almost crawling) out of Method X, without feeling accomplished and not having a big smile on my face! The passion, knowledge, enthusiasm and energy that both Rebecca and Shane exude is invaluable and infectious. Every week I look forward to the sessions I get to spend training with Rebecca. She is not afraid to push me to my limits and celebrate every little progress along the way, whether it is in strength or confidence. She has completely changed the way I approach my training regimen outside of the studio and made me a completely different athlete. Thank you both for being a constant source of inspiration, motivation and strength, in every way possible!
— Lou Spichtig
Since last year, I have been attending Method X with Rebecca and the experience has been amazing. Not only have I become physically stronger, but also mentally. Having the dance background and knowledge that she does puts her a step above anyone else to help ballerinas. Not only does Rebecca push you to become stronger in a nurturing environment, but also encourages you to set goals for yourself and to continue to challenge yourself.”
— Caitlin Jonker
Rebecca Hall is such a truly motivating coach. Her specialised training has given me the capability to further enhance all aspects of my fitness including my dance. I feel so much stronger every single week! Her wisdom and positivity inspire me to keep doing what I love ever single day!”
— Brianna Kerr
Each session at Method X is interesting, challenging, fun and inclusive of all ages and abilities. Bec gets to know each and everyone of the group, what our goals are and our different fitness levels. She is excellent at catering for the individual needs of each participant. Bec has encouraged me to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of and has supported me when I may have previously been discouraged and given up. My fitness and agility levels have improved and I am feeling stronger than ever. I go to work feeling energised and proud of myself after ever session.”
— Di Bailey
Rebecca Hall has been mentoring my daughter as a personal trainer and dance coach for the past 12 months. Rebecca uses up to date, evidence based training exercises and works collaboratively with other industry professionals to assist my daughter in achieving her goals. Rebecca has gone above and beyond my expectations as a personal training coach by being an uplifting role model, providing motivation during difficult weeks and celebrating all moments of success. Rebecca knows first hand what is required of current dance professionals and in partnership with her clients, works towards wholistic preparation for this profession. Rebecca’s training methods are relevant, safe and challenging and I completely believe and trust in her and Method X.”
— Leanne Brant
Our journey with Method X commenced in 2017. I cannot speak highly enough of Rebecca’s professional attitude and expertise combined to bring out the best in her clients. She inspired our daughter to maintain a positive mindset to meet each challenge in her injury recovery process. Rebecca designed a specific program to rehabilitate, strengthen and condition. Having someone who is a dancer and understands the trials and tribulations associated with dance/injury/recovery/prevention is a major factor in maintaining a positive mindset.
Method X has inspired our children to ensure that maintaining a happy healthy lifestyle is key to achieving life goals. I honestly cannot imagine our lives without Method X and am very grateful that we met Rebecca and Shane.”
— Rae Copeland


Before I started with Shane at Method X I struggled immensely with motivation and even knowledge on what exercises were beneficial and suited me. Within the first week of training with Shane I already felt so much more confident and wanted to do more, in just 7 weeks of training at Method X the results were incredible, I couldn’t believe that my body could do what I had achieved and how much better I felt. I could not recommend Shane enough, not only is his knowledge absolutely incredible but his attitude and commitment to my personal goals and achievements is amazing, I feel so accomplished after every session! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for us! Highly recommend anyone with any kind of goal in this area to get in touch with Shane and watch him make it happen!
— Ben Mueller
Optimal physical refinement as a male dancer is necessary, and requires delicate nurturance. Through Shane’s passionate intellect and ability to push one’s capabilities within their own facility, he sees the greatness in me and my athletic potential and is able to meet this necessity wholeheartedly.
His genuine and positive approach always motivates me to not just reach my expectations but exceed them, which is a rare skill to possess in any profession and a sign of true aptitude.
As an ambitious creator, I am forever on a quest to reach the unattainable. Shane is too as a/my trainer. We forbid being complacent and constantly strive for excellence together every single session.
You not only want to make yourself proud through your own transformation, but Shane too as your coach. I have reached new heights under Shane’s guidance these past 8 months and I trust him with my physical wellbeing entirely. For this, I will be forever thankful. I look forward to many more sessions with Shane, and hope to maintain my connection with MX in general for years to come.”
— Riley Baldwin