Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, & working together is success.
— Henry Ford

Method X is the location for a high performing athlete, we are Australia’s leading facility in strength & conditioning for dancers. Specialising in dancers strength initially, however, we have various athletes from sports including: swimming, netball, cricket, soccer + more. 

Designed to optimise your performance potential through tailored programs and expert training; improving muscle strength & endurance, prevention and rehabilitation of injury, refining movement pathways & guiding you to your peak fitness level required for your current season of rehearsals, performance, auditions, training or games etc. 

Our coaches are Australian strength & conditioning accredited & enjoy working with all athletes. You will quickly realise why our coaches are highly sort after; a focused attention to movement mechanics, alignment & ability to adapt to your training needs through careful knowledge & personal experience.



One on One coaching is the missing link to you achieving your optimal performance output and personal physical & mental balance. Rebecca’s unique approach, knowledge and attention to detail will promise you results, particularly for female athletes. Her precision, innate body knowledge & ability to deconstruct movement will have you quickly breaking bad habits & inevitably reaching a new level of potential performance output.

MX Coach, Shane Mitchell is particularly interested in Male dancers, Male physique athletes & athletes who would like to increase their strength & power output. His nurturing support, athletic finesse & ability to increase an athletes power are some of his greatest qualities.

Your initial consult will begin with a physical assessment and battery of tests to track your progress and start your journey. 1-2 minimum sessions weekly is required to begin & ensure optimal training results are met. Why wait? Start today and join our community. Our Online training options are now available & may also interest you.


Semi-private training is a chance for you and 1 – 3 colleagues/friends to have close contact with your trainer but still work independently throughout the session. This session is a cost effective way that will have a specific overall focus for your group to work towards your optimal performance and goals. Typically a 2 on 1 scenario is chosen so the athletes still have a close eye on them.

We now have online coaching options to compliment your personal training sessions & ensure your progress outside Method X is on track & your results are even greater.


Online coaching is available for our athletes via our App facilitated by True Coach. If you are a face to face client with Rebecca or Shane we can cater a package for you - this is the ultimate option! Alternatively, you can choose the online coaching option & train from a far whether it be in Australia or internationally. There is the option of choosing a face to face session with the online app via FaceTime, Skype etc.

The App includes the below:

  1. Personalised programming from your coach of choice (Rebecca or Shane).

  2. Coaching advice & support via messaging platform in App.

  3. Nutrition advice & recipe ideas.

  4. Data collection for your training progress.

  5. Video footage for exercise referral & video messaging to track technique.

  6. Feedback & refining along the way to ensure athletic development.

  7. Goal setting.

  8. Mindest & performance support.

  9. Your choice to train at home (minimum equipment required or train at own gym facility).