Women after Dance!

A message to all young & mature women who are ex dancers & retired dancers…

For far too long I was completely insecure in my own skin, had a warped sense of body image, had a terrible relationship with food, was sorry for making mistakes, worried what others thought of me, felt like I was disappointing teachers, directors & people I held close to my heart… Does this surface any emotion for you too?

This is only ‘some’ of the aftermath of what dance can do to a woman. They say ‘once a dancer, always a dancer’! I guess it is true, you can never take the rhythm, discipline, elegance, determination, attention to detail, passion & perfectionism away. However, don’t let this consume you or inhibit you from life after dance. I believe beyond dance you are a ‘stunning, intelligent sexy woman’! You can empower yourself with strength, power, feminism, confidence, self-assurance & a voice.

The key to my success & the reason I can proudly say, ‘I love who I am today’, has come from my passion dedication & love for fitness. It became my escape from dance, it was what I turned to, to feel like I was worth something; it gave me so much more than muscle, greater performance potential & stronger technique. It gifted me with fortitude, self-esteem, balance, focus & the ability to love myself more. I am, & always will be proud of myself every time I finish a training session. I still get a crazy rush of adrenalin post training, I am completely & wholeheartedly in charge of my destiny. All this from a simple workout! It seems crazy I know, but what if opening your mind up to the possibility of becoming stronger physically too, was all it took? AND as a bonus you become stronger mentally & emotionally?! Dance doesn’t have to own you for the rest of your life, nor does it define you, nor does it determine the body, mentality & stigma you should have over food & the rest of your life.

Why not turn to fitness & strength training like I did & work out that you are 100% worth it, you are in control of your story & you are STRONG enough to take on the universe. Why don’t you give it a try for yourself, let dance go a little if you are ready too & come on the journey of fitness with me whilst you take on the rest of your life. 

I know it seems pessimistic of me to write this yet I am just speaking MY truth - I love dance & I cherish my journey as a dancer. I was very fortunate for my career & I worked hard for it. I guess you could say I satisfied my dream, pursued my passion & I chased it. I am who I am today because of the chapters I lived with dance.

However, with all this said, I also believe that if you are still a professional dancer now & reading this or pursuing your career, you can master yourself as an artist & implement your strength training into your journey. So, that you can hopefully achieve the ‘balance’ that we’re all striving for! I promise a stronger, healthier, more focused YOU will inspire & motivate you further no matter what stage of your career you’re in. 

Strength training is the missing tool to anyone striving for success in any industry, let alone for a person that has already sacrificed their body to their craft & art form their whole life. Now if you’re looking for that ‘something else’ that can fulfil the mover you will always be, why not come on the journey with me? I’d love to help support you, train you, empower you & simply become part of your tribe! That’s my calling now!

Strength & Love, Rebecca x