Become an Intelligent & Strong Dancer

Do you look at your schedule and your year & notice quantity over quality? 

Do you undervalue the importance of strength & body maintenance? 

And, do you place your strength & conditioning training at the bottom of your priorities list? 

These are all very important questions to ponder upon immediately…. If you said, yes, to ONE of these questions then it is time to make a change! A change that will improve the longevity of your career as a dancer, a change that will give you new direction, a change that will see you reach optimal potential, & a change that will diversify your abilities & opportunities. 

If you have decided to embark on a journey to become a professional dancer, you have committed to a tough yet rewarding; challenging yet empowering; ugly yet beautiful world. You have committed yourself to a life of being an artist & an athlete. This requires you to become accountable for your mind, body & soul by valuing the implementation of your cross training. 

Here are 5 reasons why strength & conditioning must become a priority in your life: 

  1. Improves muscle strength & ability to load muscle.
  2. Improves flexibility of muscles & strengthens joints.
  3. Gives greater body awareness & performance output.
  4. Prevents injury & promotes positive mindset (improving sleep, anxiety & mental health).
  5. Improves technique & endurance for a rigorous schedule.

It is okay to accept that this is a really hard path to chase, as a dancer, and for your family. It is okay for parents & your support network to let go a little and relieve some of the pressure. A personal coach is sometimes the missing link to a great change and an even more exciting future. This is your dream, no one else’s, so chase it the way you want too.

Finally, strength & conditioning is not a crash course; it isn’t a quick fix of a few sessions or a couple of months. It is a lifelong commitment, to ensure your body is efficient to perform your skills necessary to a successful career in dance and beyond. 

If you are interested in working with me & taking your dance career to the next level I would love to hear from you. Interstate & international clients are welcomed to the MX community. I love coaching my dancers across the globe. 

Oceans of love and enormous big hugs to you all. 

Rebecca xx

Founder & Director 

Method X Pty Ltd