Chasing the end goal… pushing through injury, constantly comparing, go go go, higher higher higher, push push push, repetition over repetition! Do you ever give yourself a break? 

It’s either you in your own head, your teacher in your ear or your parent at you for something! It is not about how far you can go until you break, perhaps it’s about pausing for a moment and becoming an intelligent dancer. 

Learning & understanding when to listen to your body, your thoughts, hearing what your parents have to say & using your teachers constructive criticism to re-evaluate, re-set & put into action. Depending where you are in your career - student, pre professional or professional, you will read into this a little differently…

I know myself fairly well these days, I look back now and contemplate how I used to handle certain situations; most of the time I feel proud of myself for overcoming a huge amount of set backs, struggles, negative criticism & constant battle for perfection. However, I also wish I had some advice for setting realistic goals, understanding my strengths & my weaknesses, being encouraged in a positive way & nurtured to realise how unique I am. 

Empowering myself with tools & knowledge to achieve greatness is a strength I now possess & thrive off; everyday I am eager to learn new things to help shape me into the best version of myself. I have started to fine tune a few constructive tools and I would love to share some of these tips with you.

Firstly, I would like to start by saying that knowledge is power. I am sure you can agree & relate to this? And maybe it is worth taking a moment to absorb this statement…. 

Have you finished pondering?

…We are all creators of our OWN destiny’s, we all have the CHOICE to make the decisions we make, & listen to the people we want too. YOU are the only person who can make it happen. 

These are 5 of my top tips to regaining power, balance & a clear head:

  1. Write a list of short term & long term goals 
  2. Write down 10 strengths & 5 weaknesses 
  3. Start reading something new & interesting —> inspire yourself, empower yourself, find other interests that excite you.
  4. Get out in the sun! I literally mean this, even if it is for 10 minutes or half an hour each day. 
  5. Take a moment every few weeks, to notice and perhaps write down: how far you’ve come physically, emotionally & mentally. - Be proud of your achievements & make sure you do something for someone other than yourself; to see them grow and find happiness is the best feeling in the world. 

Remember why you are working so hard, remember that you are one of the few lucky ones that has found something you are passionate about. Use it as fuel to light your fire & never give up on your goals. 

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you” - unknown. 

Yours in dance & fitness, 

Rebecca Hall xx