It is health that is real wealth, & not pieces of gold & silver.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Method X is the location for a high performing lifestyle, we all deserve to feel empowered by our health & fitness. Our coaches are devoted to the journey rather than quick fixes. One on one, small group training & online coaching is available for anybody wishing to optimise their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Method X is a nurturing, safe & positive space for you to refine your body, rehabilitate injury, eliminate fears and push yourself to be the best version of you. 



One on one personal training is available with Rebecca Hall & Shane Mitchell. Rebecca is particularly dedicated to former dancers & ex athletes who need specific attention, motivation & structure to achieve goals & step out of their comfort zones or body dysmorphia that may be crippling their greatest self.

Shane Mitchell enjoys training people who are willing to make the lifestyle change over to health & fitness, people who are ready to become equipped with the knowledge & power to live a happier, healthier & fitter life. His nutrition, supplement & movement knowledge will ensure you reach your physique goals.

Sometimes, a more comfortable start to your journey of fitness is to have one on one training or to simply refine your technique and movement patterns for your sport, every day living & overall function. This is a tailored experience and we promise to help you to achieve any physical goals you might have.

Please see strength & conditioning network for semi private personalised options with coach Shane Mitchell! Rebecca is available for semi private (2 on 1 coaching) & we also have available our MX Membership classes returning 16th July 2019 & our Online App!


Online coaching is available for all MX athletes via our App facilitated by True Coach. If you are a face to face client with Rebecca or Shane we can cater a package for you - this is the ultimate option! Alternatively, you can choose the online coaching option & train from a far whether it be in Australia or internationally. There is the option of choosing a face to face session with the online app via FaceTime, Skype etc.

The App includes the below:

  1. Personalised programming from your coach of choice (Rebecca or Shane).

  2. Coaching advice & support via messaging platform in App.

  3. Nutrition advice & recipe ideas.

  4. Data collection for your training progress.

  5. Video footage for exercise referral & video messaging to track technique.

  6. Feedback & refining along the way to ensure athletic development.

  7. Goal setting.

  8. Mindest & performance support.

  9. Your choice to train at home (minimum equipment required or train at own gym facility).

Contact us today to start your journey!