You will become the most technically sound, strong, positive, empowered, sustainable & employable dancers in the industry.

Our Performance Centre is a scientifically based program & mentorship aimed to create elite athletes & provide the optimum performance potential & career path for a dancer. Through Russian Vaganova method classical technique training & specialised contemporary technique training, our centre is the first of its kind to invest in a dancer’s safe technical foundations & greatest performance potential.
We are a performance based program beginning the week with syllabus work finishing with open choreography. There are no exams, only performances that take all forms.

Unlike any other program, we have a very unique facility stemming from Method X’s original strength & conditioning facility. This centre is the evolution of creating sustainable dancers that are able to be placed in the industry; it is a boutique offering & we value the individual’s wellbeing, talent, education & unique pathway.

We are private audition based only & have a maximum intake of 10 students per day program & afternoon program. To find out more information please contact us directly for 2019.